Alternative, Hard rock, Rock
From: Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Band Members

  • Scuz - Singer/Guitarist
  • Paco - B.Vocals/Guitarist
  • 7-Finger - B.Vocals/Bass
  • Turtle - Drums/Perc.

About Band

Tuscaloosa Alabama is where we call home. Lots of college kids and a huge bar scene, but despite contrary belief its not an open atmosphere for original music.  Despite this, Pollo still is managing to make a respected  name for themselves across town after only being together a few months.

It all started 8 years ago at Hillcrest High. The band was called Muff 7, and even though the name was a little racy and turned heads, the student and teachers loved us, and still do to this very day. We all recorded a cd together which was mostly just for fun at 600 studios, a venue in downtown Tuscaloosa. Muff 7 was the big band this side of the river and Northport had the band Last Pick, and it always seemed like a little competition between our fans, but its all good fun.

High School Graduation led to a band breakup. Some left for college, some to work, but we still reunite every now and again, and after all these years, still fill the room with fans.

Anyways, Scuz and Paco from Muff 7 continued on in various bands til we formed "Another Skinny White Boy" (guess we have a flair for head-turning names). Formed by adding Scuz's Sis on Drums and 7 Finger on bass, we were an up and coming band once more. After 3 years of playing various shows in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Scuz's sis graduated from High School and was preparing for college, so we had to find a full time drummer with skills to jump right in. (We were all 23 and 22 at the split, she just turned 18).

A guy by the name of Turtle answered the call, and there is nothing turtleish about this fella. He has all the skills necessary, and a common goal to share.

Here we are now: POLLO
Scuz : Vocals , Fast Guitar
Paco ; B. Vocals, Crunch Guitar
7 Finger : B. Vocals , Booming Basslines
Turtle : If you can hit it with a stick, he can play it.

We have a catalog of original tunes over 20 deep, and the good thing about this catalog is that the only originals kept were fan favorites, so we could easily record a few albums, all could be considered greatest hits. We also have a deep variety of covers ranging from the late, great Michael Jackson to the Eagles, Journey, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Bob Seger, Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year, Metallica, Bon Jovi, and all across the board and back. All of these covers are put into our own style as well, and all we get is the positive "That was Badass!" feedback.

Our music is about a message, it pertains to everyone, touches everyone, grows with everyone. See how it pertains to you, and let us know how you feel.


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