Maypole with Demian Bell

Maypole with Demian Bell

Maypole with Demian Bell

Blues, Psychedelic, Rock
From: Plantation, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Demian Bell - Vocals,Guitar
  • Peter Toppe - Bass, Vocals
  • Ralf Behet - Drums
  • Constantin Petrescu - Keyboards

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Biography of Demian Bell

Demian Bell, born Dennis Tobell in 1949 near Chicago.He started Classical piano at age 7,  then went to guitar when he was 13. His first gig was at the Gold Horse Saloon in Folsom California, when he was 15 with a band called "The Rogues".A mixture of Blues,Folk and Country.

Moving back to the east coast, he then joined a band with much older players from the Baltimore blues scene, called "The Moss".They were the first house band at The Blusette a legendary club that opened from1965 till 1972. He was then doing concerts and TV shows in the Baltimore.Washington area.He later formed The Pychedelic Propellor in 1965, which then recorded an album in New York and played the more important venues in the area, The Baltimore Civic Center, and the leading clubs in the area.
He then formed "Good Grief" with Bill Davis, Jeff Lutzi and Paul Treffinger, the most well known Baltimore musicians of the time, and played extensively throughout the Maryland-Washington, Philly, Virginia area. Disenchanted with the local scene, Demian then went to London, and joined a band called "The Attack", after 6 months returned to the states. He then joined Moulty and The Barbarians.

 In 1969, he formed "Maypole".with Paul Welsh.  The songs were a rather heavy rock, with a lot of harmonies with complex arrangements but with bluesy guitar solos. They got a record deal with MGM, and made an album in New York at A&R studios with Demian writing 90% of the material. This album was critically acclaimed, and the group toured extensively with many of the great acts of the day such as Bob Seeger, Elephants Memory, The Nazz, Nils Lofgrin, Bill Haley& The Comets, The Kingsmen, Redbone, and many more.The group appeared on many National and local T.V. programs.

Demian then joined "Renaud and The Junction", a very popular band which went on to sign with Motown under the name "Contraband" as the opening act for the Jackson 5 on a 18 city U.S. Tour.

 During this time Demian also used to play with Roy Buchanan in the Washington D.C. Georgetown Blues club scene.Moving then to Holland, in what he calls the anti-disco period, formed a band there a new version of Maypole playing the many venues around Holland,in the 70's as a raw energy blues trio. Gaining many fans and playing The Melkweg, Paradiso, Vondel Park, Paard Van Troy and with "The Free Folk Ensemble"an acoustic group, at The Concertgebouw, and The American Hotel, where they did a live radio show every Sunday, for the Dutch World Service.

Demian has recorded with many artists, as a guitarist,vocalist, a recording engineer and producer.  The emphasis has always been on live performance and recording Throughout the 70's he did many sessions with bands in California, Maryland, and New York,with partner Neil Case, also a recording engineer, from Jamaica, who had worked on The Stones Album "Goats Head Soup", Joe Cocker(You Are So Beautiful), and Peter Tosh records to name a few

.In 1981 he signed with Nouveaux Records,Miami and recorded the single "Gotta Let Go" and "The Move" he co-produced with Gary Vandy(multi Gold and Platinum Records ,and filmed his first video,toured Europe and was named West Germany's Musician of the month be the Aachener Volks Zeitung. 

 The famous producer and engineer Tom Dowd took a personal interest in Demian in 1981 and tried to create a project with Demian and Eric Clapton which did not pan out but said of Demian; (that)`Demian is one of the most unusual guitarists I have ever heard`.

The late 80's found Demian in Spain playing with the most famous of musicians there, such as Mike Kennedy of "Los Bravos", Benet Nogue of "Attila", and Jaume Rivera of "Miguel Rios"and Evolution, and Oh Well. He played the most important venues in Barcelona and Catalonia,as "Demian Bell and Human Nature" until returning to Florida in 1989.He concentrated on acoustic blues with Steve Levy, a harp player, playing the The Musicians Exchange, The River Walk Blues Festival, and clubs From West Palm Beach to Key West. as "Harp N Chords" and recording two albums of acoustic blues. Played some cruise ships out of Miami, Florida.

In the early 90's,  Demian started to compose a lot of music on Midi equipment and started doing techno music with Neil Case of "The Beat Dominator" and "The Bass Mekanik" fame with Pandisc Records, Miami, Demian has contributed many songs in under the name "Bass Waves", and "The Bass Mekanik" which are still under production..

 Demian had always worked on doing film scores and got his first film "Manosaur" which was done in Hollywood in 1998. Spending some time in the LA area working on several film projects.

He then formed "Earthtone Records" a division of "Tobell Productions" his label and production company,and started producing the group Home Planet, Frank Cornelius, of "The Cornelius Bros. and Sister Rose Band" and his own instrumental music with John Flood on Sax for the Face On Mars Project

.Demian recently did a Reggae album,"Bass Over Babylon" with Neil and Brian Jobson, who has produced many hits for "No Doubt"(Hey Baby).

Demian moved to Germany,

The Maypole Band is the latest Blues project with Peter Toppe, Ralf Behet and Constantin Petrescu. They have played all over Germany and Holland in the last three years.2008-2010 to rave reviews. Their lazest CD Live in Germany demonstrates the bands talent playing live.

Demian also plays as a solo musician, using both acoustic and electric guitar with his own handmade backing trracks.

.He has recorded for  Colossus, Laurie Records, Pandisc Records, Streetbeat Records,Nouveaux Records, Earthtone Records, Avex Records in Japan.Gearfab, Anopheles,Wemo Records, Germany.

 Demian is also a keyboardist with many recordings,original film scores and documentaries to his credit. The Maypole Lp is now making a comeback with the re release of two their original albums on CD  on Gear Gab Records,  and clear Viny on Anopheles Records.

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