Rock, Punk, Grunge
From: Oakville, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Kevin Healy - Guitar/Vocals
  • Colin Mcnally - Bass Guitar
  • Brennan Prescott - Drums

About Band

Elated was formed in the summer of 2006 from various jam sessions held by founding member and lead guitar/vocalist Kevin Healy. After recording and writing music, the band is now ready to play gigs and will take part in various Supernova shows, starting with their first live show @ The Reverb (see 'Upcoming Shows' for details). The lineup for Elated consists of Kevin Healy on guitars and vocals, Colin McNally on bass guitar and Brennan Prescott on drums. Each of the members have been with various bands linked to their schools and have finally settled upon this current project. Colin McNally and Brennan Prescott have been friends since Pre-School and have shared many of the same musical tastes. Along with two other friends, the 'Elated' rhythm section formed 'Toll 34' with Brennan, fellow guitarist Brenden Nerfa, Colin on Bass and Bijan Hezerkhani on drums. Their early repitoire consisted of Nickelback, Blink 182 and some originals but unfortunately the band broke-up due to lack of interest and conflicting schedules. A year later, the duo met a new kid at their school; Patrick Bateman. He happened to play drums. So a few weeks later, the three guys met in The Prescott's basement and jammed to various Blink 182, Our Lady Peace and Collective Soul songs. The newly formed band, 'Undetermined' would later shift into classic rock songs from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and more contemporary artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182. They played their first gig at their school 'Talent Show' showcasing the popular 'Anthem Pt. 2' by Blink-182. They went away with admiration and were well liked by their classmates and peers even though playing with local legends 'The Superficials'. That same year, nearing the summer, they started to play with an up and coming guitar player named Elliott Robinson. The band took a sabatical until Elliott purchased an electric guitar and honed their skills practising regularly. They played many gigs with high praise for 2 years. But that would all change come High School. The boys decided to dis-band due to the year ahead of them. Fortunately, the boys weren't out of work just yet. Colin, the year before, was in the touring Halton Junior Jazz band and met an astonishingly good drummer by the name of Jason Bhattacharya. He happened to go to a school very close to his and decided to jam it out at Jason's home studio. Excited about the connection established with this drummer, Colin told Elliott and Brennan about this and they decided to form up into a new found 'Supergroup'. This new band practised for a few months and things were looking up. Colin, Elliott, and Jason started talking of breaking of into a trio because of their strong musical bond and regrettably let Brennan go. The trio later added the singing talents of Rachel Guest, a new found talent from their high school. The band went through many names and never really settled on one. Theses names varied from 'The Wet Cheese Delirium' to 'The Desperate Houswives' to 'The Rachel, Elliott, Jason and Colin Experience'. The forever nameless band played only one gig with stand-in Jaydin Williams, a guitarist and resident Paul McCartney look alike (Your the best Jaydin!). Unfortunately due to internal band relationship issues, Rachel Guest left the the boys a few months after the gig. The band tried to bring in amazing vocalist from the school 'Vocal Ensemble' but it didn't work out. The boys still jam and did a few shows through the school shortly after their demise. Now all the boys were at a musical stand still. Colin was approached by Kevin and Brennan about the project. Looking for some kind of musical outlet, he found: Elated. This power trio blends Kevin's songwriting ability and Kurt Cobain reminiscent vocals as well as the funky-punk beats of Brennan and the steller tone of bassist Colin into a mix of Grunge, Groove, Punk and Metal.

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