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Raine Biography “If your plan is to move through life unscarred, your natural melody becomes distorted…never having the texture of the original note that is you.” David Raine David Raine, New York City acclaimed charismatic songwriter, singer, producer and actor has been recognized and deeply appreciated worldwide. The depth of his strong vocal range, talents and soul-rock approach have been featured in countless live performances over the last 15 years at venues including CBGB’s, CB’s Gallery, Mercury Lounge, The Living Room, several West and East Village Clubs, Philadephia’s Grape Street Pub, European and Middle Eastern venues while touring with his band “Raine”. Uniquely, David starred as the lead in a European Tour of “Hair” as “Berger”—featured in several European publications for his unforgettable and soulful performances. He also starred in “If this Hat Could Talk” with Stephanie Mills and Melba Moore. David Raine also produces and develops other musical artists. Raine’s focus and love is his music….singing and an extensive ongoing library of original unforgettable lyrics and melodies. His clarity, depth, soulfulness, authenticity, wisdom and energy is heart piercing, leaving audiences with insights no less than epiphanies. His mesmerizing voice and presence is recognizably David Raine. Raine’s musical talents, lyrical creativity and --- genius have been recognized by record companies, audiences, and worldwide media. Other acknowledgments include an invitation by Sony Music and the creators of Liquid Streaming to present their software worldwide via the Internet; request for a performance at the NY Democratic Committee and highlights in The Medem Festivals in France catalogue. David’s innovative silencing musical performances have reminded audiences of his past presence in his extensive fashion and commercial modeling as well as the national commercials he has been featured in including Smirnoff Ice, American Express and ATT. Raine was raised in Philadelphia and moved to New York at age seventeen to attend the Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts on full scholarship. Although acting was a trained passion, his passionate instinct and gift to sing and write was stronger. He fostered this throughout his youth, influenced by the music he adored (Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Hendrix, Sarah Vaughn, Sam Cook, Bird and others), mastering his singing while his classmates played kickball. He filled his journals with his original thoughts, poems and songs—using it all to express himself, make a difference and investigate the depth of self discovery and all that is possible from this kind of spiritual conscious inquiry. He was clear he was a writer— a songwriter.

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