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Andy Newman is an up-and-coming acoustic singer-songwriter. His blend of Modern Folk, Rock and Roll, and Alternative music reflect the thoughts, feelings, and actions of his times. For Andy Newman, there are three types of songs: love songs, drug songs, and protest songs.

Andy Newman began his musical career in The Baumers, a local Rock and Roll group that achieved a large local following in their home town, Woodland Park.  In May of 2006 The Baumers broke up and Andy began his solo career. He has been writing and performing his culturally relevant and revolution-motivated songs ever since.

"You must become the change you wish to see in the world," said Gandhi. Andy Newman is a lover and a fighter. He enjoys the recreational use of drugs and despises the political state of affairs in modern-day America. He would like to see the war in Iraq come to a close, and is also very unsatisfied with the amount of power the average street cop has over a civilian. He is an anarchist at heart, and abhors any form of control, social or personal. He is a big supporter of the arts and is also a frequent practicioner of creative writing. He is also a sexually fierce man, and enjoys the physical act of love immensely.


With an extensive repertoire of roughly 50 covers and 40 originals, Andy Newman is both bookable and signable. He will not stop until he starts a musical revolution, or dies trying. He is highly professional backstage and highly entertaining under the spotlight. In fact, he is a damn madman from the second he sets foot onstage to the moment he steps off. He is open to any opportunities, and looks forward to advancing his musical career in the near future.

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