Blues, Soul, Folk
From: Sydney, Australia

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My name is Amanda Baker and some people like to say I remind them of Annie Lennox with a bit of Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick thrown in for good measure.
I am the real-deal!....  I write my own songs, collaborate with other great talented people and I can strip wallpaper with my voice.
I have always done it my way and currently release my music through my own label Demanda Records.
I am at a stage now where I have my full package together.
I have recorded my 13 track debut album 'Superstitious Woman' which I need publishing for I am doing my own distribution as well as through MGM.  I have an award-winning music video, which has aired on numerous independent music television shows.
I have 2 E.P.'s , one is a fully produced 5 track and the other is a live-studio offering of 7 tracks. I have also just finished a new double track single and music video for one of the tracks.

I have a 5 piece band, that I have been playing with for over a year we have played tight 'sold out' shows to cowds of 500+ in premier venues.
We have toured successfully in Australia and appeared at many festivals.
We are ready to tour at anytime, so we need bookers, promoters and a strong marketing structure. 
I work closely with my brother, who is my photographer, cinematographer, designer and visual director.
My brother Denson Baker also shot and directed my music video.
I am self-managed and I feel I am very good at it, although if a Manager came along, that I was confident that would do a better job then me, I would jump at the chance.
There are many things I want, but most of all I want to make a living from my art.  I want to tour and share my live show experience with as many people as possible, I love being on stage.

I'm looking for the right people to help me take it all the way....

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