Acid Void

Acid Void

Acid Void

Industrial, Electronica, Gothic
From: West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Band Members

  • The King Of Lust - Vocals, Keys, Bass, Programming
  • The Queen Of Blades - Vocals, Keys, Programming

About Band

The Queen of Blades

Notorious for her symbiotek mesh of soundscapes and harmony. Her poison touch adds that extra vibe to get your blood pumping and send you into a translucent state of being.

The King of Lust

Known for his unique vocal styling and dark emotional lyrical content. Bringing forward that once lost sound that rivetheads all around long for with his distorted dirty beats and mysterious yet spine tingling mix of synthetic key and dark programming.

The mixture of these two very artistic minds bring the crimson flow into the veins of the machine they call Acid Void. AV is sure to bring dark joy to the depths of the dead and bring forth the new foundation for electro industrial rock.

ACID VOID sounds nothing like anything you have ever heard. Although some may compare ACID VOID to other electro/industrial groups out there ACID VOID is unique all in its own. Consisting of darkwave humanoid foundation, distorted drum beats, ambient sound dillusions, trippy synth clashs, dark emotional lyrics, and systematic ambient yet angst vocals. ACID VOID is the new ground for what rivetheads and goths alike have been missing.



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