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3 East is a NYC band with a genuine weapon in the form of frontman Daniel Joshua, whose voice and guitar can go from a highwire howl to tender whispers and back. Daniels former ClearStand bandmate, bass player  “Robal”  joins   3 East and adds a sudden contrast to the band's unique alternative rock racket, which leans often on distortion and brashness. And the founding member of 3E, Daniels Uncle, known to the band as Uncle D, delivers the thunderous backbeat to this trio’s rock hard sound. Having two songwriters in the band with the relationship of uncle / nephew  explains the dimension of their lyric and melodies. .  “we are really excited to announce that we are finally going to be releasing our first CD, while still in production we are very excited. And though unsigned, our emphasis has always been on the song writing.

 This is our first project and we've poured a lot into it. We take our song writing very seriously and do not compromise the lyric for social acceptance. All our songs and melodies are original. Our budget is basically lunch money to your average band, but with our great fan base we know that one day we'll be able to accomplish the greater things in life that comes with the success we believe we're destine to achieve. 


As we build our fan base we look forward to all the e-mails we've been generating as a result of our Facebook fan page, twitter, youtube and ReverbNation activity. "One thing we find is that the video making process is something that one needs to acquire a certain dexterity for; but we do find that the final result of all the tedious hours are an accomplishment that bring a life to the story that was once just words on paper".

 People say that sometimes our songs sound familiar; well we believe that this is a complement of huge proportion. The fact that one of our songs are going to stay with you with the familiarity of remembrance is the capture we look to achieve. But our originality is by far the main reason we do what we do. We made this record on our own terms. Not answering to anyone. We welcome all callers interested in our music and look for a deal that would be equitable for all parties with the understanding that under no circumstances would we give up the copy-writes to any of our songs.

We are a band from New York City, we write with emotion, feelings and interpretations of life's occurrences. We do not and will not change the unaltered sequences of our writings for a record deal. If you like what you hear, We look forward to a conversation, if not, we hope you enjoy the music, but our music has no compromise.


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Website: www.3-east.com

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