1st aka The Pretty Girl

1st aka The Pretty Girl

1st aka The Pretty Girl

Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Artist

1st is most definitely not a stranger to this music scene. Born in Harlem New York, and then moved to Mashpee Massachusetts, to end up in Brooklyn, This female who refers to herself as the “Pretty Girl” has been making her mark in every state she steps her foot in. “Brooklyn molded, Born in Harlem, Boston Branded, Mashpee Mobbing” This right here is a good definition of this female MC, who has now made music her top priority. Often referred to as the 1st Lady of Team Arliss or 1st Lady, 1st has made her way through the underground music world with the her very well known ability to ride a beat gracefully, with a sexy melodic tone that has everyone buzzing. Forever known as the 1$t Lady of Team ANW (The largest Myspace Street Team started in 2006) 1st has featured on many underground hip hop artists tracks, and worked alongside producers such as King Clive, Amillion YSN, Vinny Idol, Apollo De Lorean and others. It most surely appears that this young lady has every intention on getting her name in the streets as she was just featured on King Clive TV & Epic Team 6 the “Cypher of All Cyphers” a production that is flooding the social media world where 1st made a killer performance alongside artists Uno, Mour Barz, Shooney The Rapper, Cory Flook, and Mike Dibiasi. Currently 1st is an artist under Side Block Entertainment and now working closely with King Clive, so you can see 1st featured on many of The King Clive TV episodes and also features on mix tapes, radio shows, and showcases around NYC. Working on many projects including her own personal titled “Pretty Girls Only” 1st is surely “making her mark” so be on the lookout and keep your eyes open because this pretty girl better yet 1st is on her way to the top.

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Website: www.facebook.com/prettygirl1st
Website: www.instagram.com/prettygirl1st
Website: www.soundcloud.com/pretty-1st

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