Rock, Alternative, Punk
From: Staten Island, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Zic - Lead Guitar
  • Anna - Lead Vocals
  • Joey - Guitar/Vox
  • Vega - Bass/Vox
  • Greg - Drums/Percussion

About Band

100EZ is a fairly new band to form out of Staten Island, New York looking not just to play music, but to put on a show. Established in late 2006, as well as being new on the scene, they still by no means are faint of heart. Each show is heart felt and energy driven with meaningful lyrics and instrumentals that make you move. Their music is refreshingly original and their shows guarantee you to be singing along and getting into the music by the end of the night. If there is one band at that show you other night, this is the one that you won't forget. So what if they only have two demo tracks laid down in some random basement? All you need is ambition and determination and the rest will follow. If you want a real sample of what 100EZ is like, be sure to check them out live and chat with the guys.

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Website: www.myspace.com/100ez

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