Rap, Hip-Hop
From: New York, NY, United States

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A star was born in Miami on June 30th 1991. He was named Ryan David Murillo now known as Heat Aka The Heat Of NY. He lived in Miami until he was 2 then moved with his mother to New York. He grew up on 147 st. in Harlem and then moved up to 152st to the projects. As He grew up his love for rap got him more hungry to become a superstar. When he turned 14 he figured if he was going to do it then it was going to happen in New York. Yup the bright lights and the big city as Jim Jones called It. He started rapping in 7th grade then he got real serious with rap. When he got to high school a lot of cats was battling getting they rep up. But Heat was trying to get this money not battle lame dudes. See Heat was trying to make it to the light screen. Heat would always tell His niggas about how he was gonna make It. So one of his dudes gave him an idea and that idea was to make a demo. So Heat got on to working and producing his own Music. Now Heat is patiently waiting for his time to Shine. As Heat always said fast money is bad money so it's worth the wait .

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